Session 1-Intro to Presencing Practicing

The Presencing Practice Workbook


This workbook is in response to the proliferation of “Mindfulness Meditation” that is infiltrating our culture. God instructed His people to meditate “day and night.” Christians have practiced meditating for centuries but are even cautious about claiming to do so because they are afraid that it be inferred that they are practicing Eastern Meditation. Christian meditation has lost its appeal to the world. Mindfulness Meditation, or Mindfulness, has been branded to attract anyone and everyone. Even though this form of meditation has at its source Buddhism, it is marketed as the only place to connect with yourself and receive peace from the daily stresses. And the marketing is literally in every magazine, commercial, and movie. Public schools starting in kindergarten are training children in meditation to achieve discipline and calmness in the classroom.

In The Intentional Inspiration Workbook, we dive deep into the contrast between Mindfulness Meditation and Christian Meditation. The end result of each one is miles apart. Suffice to say here is that Eastern Meditation subtlety seeks to empty the mind, transcend the body and this world of illusion, and ultimately dissolve the individual soul into the cosmic over-soul. But, of course, this is masked in the guise of simply gaining self-fulfillment and peace. Many teachers and leaders of Mindfulness classes are unaware of the objectives of what they are encouraging others to participate in. For the purposes here we will be presenting objectives, reasons, training, and outcomes of Presencing.  

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