Creativity Creating Products and Activities 1

Creativity Training Session 1: Create Products and Activities

Most of us are clueless about creativity, unless, of course, you are an artist, musician, writer, or actor. The rest of us think that they are a special group that we know nothing about, and they know just as little about us. This is how we have operated up until this point. Now you will delve into a whole new world of ideas, perceptions, and knowledge. You will learn so much more about yourself, and you will like what you see.

The truth is that you were born creative, and tests reveal that this trait is extracted from most of us at an early age. The video references a study done starting 1968 by George Land of 1600 three-to-five-year old’s in a Head Start Program. He tested the creativity level of these children and retested them at ten years of age and then at 15years of age. The results were astounding. The proportion of those that scored at the “Genius Level” were:

·     5-year old’s: 98%

·     10-year old’s: 30%

·     15-year old’s: 12%

·     This same test was given to 280,000 adults (average age of 31): 2%

Our objective is for you to reignite this latent ability and to see it thrive and flourish in every area of your life. You will become more proficient, more valuable, and you will enjoy your life to a greater degree than ever before.

With the onslaught of AI and robotics, Forbes Magazine reported that in the coming future our creativity is necessary and maybe the only thing that distinguishes us apart from others. Get your kids on board!

In this session, we learn about what creativity is and what traits the creative person exhibits. You will find that creativity is enticing, and you will wonder why you abdicated your creative tendencies. You will begin to see that you have many of the character traits of the creative person as you begin to have a slight opening of your eyes to the possibility that you have creative capabilities.

Hopefully, you have experienced the fundamental experience to creativity which is “flow.” You may not have known what it is called, but while you were in the midst of your hobby, playing a sport, or working on a project you experienced the intensity of enjoyment, the distortion of time, or the sense of being totally engaged in that which you were involved. This is the creative flow! When it happens in the future in any realm or vehicle, you will recognize that you must be a creative person-you are flowing in creativity!  

The worksheet will help you put the “flow” into practice and feel the reality of this feature. Each Worksheet s designed to gain a practical understanding of the lessons you are developing.

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