Habits Introduction

This workbook is a condensed version of the Creative Lifestyle Workbook. Although we encourage everyone to go through the entire workbook, we offer this for someone that solely wants to develop their ability to perform habits. The three sections in the Creative Lifestyle Workbook build upon each other. 

This is the foundational program of The Roses Coaching. It has as its focus, as all the programs that we present, the 3D Method of Coaching. This method helps you Discover your personal creativity, you will learn to Develop habits that reinforce your creativity, and we help you Deploy your purpose or mission in your life. This program will help orchestrate your life no matter if you are a young adult or a retiree. Your career can finally be cultivated as you develop new skills to enhance your life and the lives of others.

In the first of the three sections, you will discover why creativity is unique to you and so valuable for you to activate. The second portion deals with developing habits that will help you gain control of areas that need support. Many times, you find that you know, or people tell you to start a habit. We help you learn how to develop this skill. The last section will help you unleash that desire or dream that you have not been able to shake, that emerged from learning about a new creative ability, or that your newly formed habits have allowed you to realize that you, too can do this.

We will go over The Roses Coaching Agreement and have you sign it at the bottom. Keep in mind that the Worksheets at the end of each session are there to help you solidify what you learned and these are very important for you to complete.


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