Creativity is a Necessity

Our world is becoming increasingly dominated by AI. The Creativity Video Course will help you orchestrate your life no matter if you are a young adult or a retiree. Your career can finally be cultivated as you develop new skills to enhance your life and the lives of others. You will discover why creativity is unique to you and so valuable for you to activate. 

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It All Begins Here

This Creativity Video Course contains one section of the whole Creative Lifestyle Journey Workbook. Although we encourage everyone to go through the entire workbook, we offer this for someone that solely wants to develop their creativity. The three sections in the Creative Lifestyle Workbook build upon each other. 

Creating Products

We learn about creativity, the creative person, creative vehicles as well as the nature of flow and how it is an integral part of creativity.

We can actually change the landscape of the way our brain forms by repeating good ideas and thoughts and stopping the access to the old. We need our brain active and fruitful by keeping our mind full and stimulated with good and positive thoughts while shielding them from the negative.

Creating Perceptions

Your perceptions are completely yours. They are the way you choose to form an opinion about people, places, events, and life in general. It is the way you “see” these things and formulate beliefs based on your knowledge, experiences, traditions, and heritage.

Many life experiences establish blockades to living a life filled with positivity. These will always be resistance, negative thoughts, and handling trauma. We have included tools to enact and practice to overcome these obstructions to growth.  

Creating Grit

Passion can be found through your interests and what you would do for a living without being paid. You consider it fun, enjoyable, and feel playful when doing it. Passion is driven by consistent practice or perseverance. When you accomplish this, you have the grit that sustains.

There are tools to find your passion. Define your top, middle, and low-level goals. They must be specific. Keep asking the “Why” question to find the top-level goal. It’s all about the WHY. 

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