Understanding the Habit Fundamentals

There are several components of every habit that need to be included in order to develop or remove a habit in your lifestyle. You can intentionally live your life unencumbered with the thoughts of wishing and regretting not being who you wish you could be. Because developing the right habits according to your habit potential will help you find out that you can get where you want to be.

Let's Do This!

On Your Way

This video course and the corresponding workbook is a section from our flagship course, Creative Lifestyle Journey Workbook and book. We utilize the 3D Method of Coaching the encompasses Discovering Creativity, Developing Habits, and Deploying Mission. This workbook is a slice of the entire workbook. We offer this single Habit Workbook for people who feel the need to concentrate on their habits. Of course you will gain the greatest benefit from the entire Creative Lifestyle Journey Workbook.

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Changing Behavior

Knowing your potential for habit tendencies as well as the elements of every habit will set you in the right direction to make adjustments in your life.

Planning the Change

Your freedom comes from knowing that habits are what you do most of the time, almost automatically, almost without exercising willpower or conscious thought.

Habits Change Your Identity

Your habits effect your life and how you see yourself. Your identity emerges from your habits. Every action is a vote for the type of person you want to become.

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Living Free

Changing your habits can actually put you on a path to living free. The reason is that habits become automatic, like tying your shoe. After learning how to do it successfully your time can be spent doing other things, because you can do it without thinking about it.