Everyone Needs a Mission

Many of us aimlessly travel on this journey of life not really living. Too many reach the end of life and say "I wish I would have..." This does not have to be you. You can begin to find meaning and purpose at any age, at any stage of life, at any place. It feels good to live out your calling. You have skills and a purpose. Let's begin find out what those are!

Mission Possible

This Mission Video Course is a portion of the Creative Lifestyle Workbook and book. While some may feel they want to focus solely on finding and developing their mission, we encourage you to take advantage of the entire 3D Method found in The Creative Lifestyle Journey. Each of the sections on Creativity and Habits Your mission may be expounded in Creativity, congealed in Habits, and implemented through Mission.

You must purchase the corresponding workbook separately for each video course you do (see the red button at the top of the page).

Expanding Your Vision

How far can you see. Your vision may be reaching the ones in your home or out to the ends of the earth. The important thing is to gather you experiences, skills, and passion into an area where you can fulfill a need.

Your Journey, Your Story

This adventure of your life will have all the elements of a great story if you start now. No one else is going to live this story of yours. It is your personal story you will be telling. You are responsible to take the steps.

About Serving Others

Truly living is truly giving and serving others. Real fulfillment comes from finding a need and filling it. The saddest people are the ones that live for themselves. We encourage you to seek out ways and opportunities to serve others.

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Living Well

It is our greatest desire for you go through this course, and all of our courses and come out not only better, but having a greater desire and passion about living. This life is a huge gift, if we choose to see it that way. We sincerely want you to choose to enjoy all that you and make your life on mission contagious.